Hemp Oil for Cancer


Hemp Oil for Cancer

When people hear the term ‘hemp oil’, marijuana is the first thing that comes to their mind and for a good reason. Both hemp and marijuana are the prime extracts of the cannabis plant family. There is, however, a significant difference; unlike with marijuana where the levels of THC are high, hemp oil contains little to none of this component. These oils are derived from the seeds of the hemp plant and are popularly known for their health boosting and healing properties especially for people with cancer. Some common benefits of hemp oil when it comes to managing cancer include the following.

Pain Management

Most pains are caused by the growth of tumors on body organs like the bones and nerves. Some discomfort may also be as a result of chemotherapy drugs that cause tingling and numbness in the hands and feet of a patient. A burning sensation may also be felt on the spot where the drugs are injected into the body. Hemp oil boasts natural analgesic properties that temporarily reduce pain in addition to eliminating uncomfortable sensations from the body.

Soothing the Skin

Chemotherapy often leads to skin irritation, dryness, itchiness, and possible rash. To ease these discomforts, patients can utilize hemp oil as it contains Omega-6 fatty acids, which act as an anti-inflammatory and encourage skin growth and cell regeneration. This oil also moisturizes and calms any skin irritation.

Inducing Sleep

Between the stress of being ill, the pain and side effects of treatments, a cancer patient is likely to find trouble getting some quality sleep. Hemp oil regulates homeostasis and helps patient with combating stress and anxiety, which are the leading causes of poor sleep. It also promotes relaxation, which enables the patient to drift into a slumber more swiftly.

Despite its association with cannabis and the negativity that goes with it, hemp oils provide numerous health benefits. For instance, it goes a long way in reducing the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy. The oils are also known to promote relaxation and assist with combating stress and anxiety, which are the natural consequence of the pain and suffering. For more ideas click onĀ hemp oil for cancer.