Alternative Treatment for Epilepsy

Some of the peoples suffering from epilepsy turn to natural treatment and alternative therapies to ease their symptoms. This medications sometimes don’t work for every person though. It is, therefore; advisable to consult your doctor if you need to add any new treatment for this disease. Some of the alternative treatment of this disease include;

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicines have increased its popularity in the market as it seems like there is an herbal treatment for every illness. Some of the most used herbs in the treatment of epilepsy are; Valerian, the tree of heaven, lily of the valley, skullcap among others. A study shows that these herbs are used in some parts of the world like in China, Japan, and India. This medicine work in most cases.

Acupuncture and Chiropractic care

It is believed that putting some fine needles in some specific areas of the body; the body can heal itself. This ancient Chinese method of treatment is known to ease chronic pain and some other illness. Spine manipulation and chiropractic are also believed to make the body heal themselves. There have been recent studies that shown hemp oil for cancer can help in alleviating epilepsy.

Diet change

There is a particular dietary change which is believed to help to reduce seizure. The ketogenic diet is one of the mostly known which focus primarily on eating higher ratio fat it is known to be a low-protein diet. This form of treatment is known to work for both adult and children.


Some of the vitamins are good for reducing the number of seizures which causes epilepsy. Vitamin 6 is known to treat a specific form of epilepsy known as a pyridoxine-dependent seizure. Which usually develop in the womb. Deficiency of magnesium in our body may expose us to the risk of epilepsy seizure.

In some cases, peoples who have epilepsy have vitamin E deficiency. This vitamin helps in increasing antioxidant ability thus reducing seizure. The vitamin does not work alone though they may be used with other methods of treatment with a prescription from the doctor.


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