Is it Possible to Use Hemp Oil for Cancer?

cbd oilHave you been diagnosed with cancer? Are you looking at non-traditional treatments either to replace the conventional ones or to use them alongside the treatment your doctor recommends?

If so, you may have heard about using hemp oil for cancer. Something that thousands of people around the world have used with quite interesting results.

So is it possible to use hemp oil for cancer, and is it something you should consider trying?

Positive results — While using hemp oil for cancer has not been approved by any governmental body, thousands of people use it every month to treat theirs. A large percentage of them are reporting that they feel better, that symptoms are less and, in some cases, that their cancer has gone into remission.

Will taking hemp oil for cancer work for you? — When you hear about people having success with hemp oil for cancer, it will usually make you want to try it. You may wonder, however, if you will have the same success.

On that score, nobody can tell you. Just like with any traditional medicine, using hemp oil for cancer works different ways for different people. The only way to know if it would work for you is to try it yourself.

How much to use and how often? — There is not a set amount you should use or a number of times per week you should use it.

Each person’s body reacts differently. That is why most suppliers will tell you to begin with a low dose of hemp oil and use it two or three times a week for the first couple of weeks.

Then increase the dose and the number of times you use it until you start to feel as though it is having an effect. That is then the dose and the number of times you should stick to.


Benefits of Hemp Oil for Cancer


     Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and illness in the United States. Most cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy can be taxing on the body. Cancer patients experience side effects such as hair loss, fatigue, and vomiting. There is a noticeable increase of holistic treatment options over the years and hemp oil is one such treatment.

Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp plant and is frequently confused with cannabis or marijuana. It is not cannabis or marijuana however, it is scientifically classified in the cannabis genus category. Hemp oil use is many either topically or ingested orally. Hemp oil’s use in the hair and on the skin helps to calm some skin conditions such as eczema and is known to stimulate hair growth. Topically, hemp oil is found in soaps, lotions, creams, and shampoos. Cancer patient’s use hemp oil orally to as primary treatment opting not to take chemotherapy. The hemp oil is orally ingested throughout the day or incorporated with food or used as liquid such as tea. This chosen form of treatment is normally decided by the patient and doctor and treatment plans vary from individual. Secondary treatment options of hemp oil use is in conjunction with chemotherapy to alleviate the side effects of the chemotherapy. Typically, the hemp oil’s use stimulates an appetite in the cancer patient, since most patient experience loss of appetite.

Using hemp oil for cancer treatment is an option for many cancer patients however, it’s recommended to research with the patient’s medical provider and the patient regarding the best treatment plan and option before choosing one of nature’s optimum plants.