Hemp Oil for Cancer


Hemp Oil for Cancer

Within the last few years, medical experts have been changing their views on the healing powers that medical grade cannabis can bring to patients. As a result companies have been producing and selling products such as hemp oil to alleviate symptoms of major diseases such as Cancer and Fibromyalgia. The oils have been deemed a popular alternative to harsh medication which could have serious side effects tied in with their use.

How does Hemp Oil help?

A company known as Highland Pharms has been producing hemp oil and other naturalistic remedies to treat common and uncommon ailments. They sell oils for both skin application and e-cigarettes, creams and dabs all in which have good reviews from those who buy these products and they sell them at a reasonable price. These products all contain CBD which has been known to reduce nausea and vomiting, suppress seizures, combat psychosis, inflammatory, and neurodegenerative disorders, kill tumor and cancer cells, and aid in anti-anxiety and depression. The best part is: because it’s made from hemp, it’s legal in every state where as medical marijuana is still not considered legal by federal law.

Is Hemp Oil right for me?

The FDA has stated that they have not documented any reliable evidence to support the claims made by users concerning the healing properties of CBD. Most test results have been conducted on mice with tumors and while the testing seemed to show progress towards reduction in size on mice tumors, it’s hard to say for a certainty that Humans would react the same way as a mouse would. As a result, it should be stated that a Doctor’s recommendation concerning your health should be taken seriously if they feel that the hemp oil alone will not help you in the long run. Click on hemp oil for cancer for more information.


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